Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Day in Toulouse, France

Hi There, I am Shirley Monestier, artist, and this is my first blog!!!!
Yesterday, my hubby, Jean-Marie and I took a short trip to Toulouse, (the rose city - named that because the city construction is entirely red, rose brick)! Whenver I travel, on my "to do list" are art museums and find a great restaurant.
We visited the Le Chateau d'Eau Museum of Photography (the oldest photography museum in Europe). Viviane Sassen's Flamboya exposition was just wonderful. The photographs in the exposition were compositions of African men and women posed in shadows. Her photographs were taken in Zambia,Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana. If in Toulouse, this is a must see exposition. Vivian Sassen currently lives in Amsterdam, Holland.
Les Abbattoirs Museum of Modern Art is a renovated, red brick building that was once a slaughter house. It has many smaller out buildings that surrounds a beautiful court yard. There were many wonderful expositions there. The exposition that impressed me the most was the permanent expositition of David Sylvestere's brilliant photographs of Ethiopian men and women body paintings. Wow, what designs.
We had a great meal at Le Colombier their speciality is Cassoulet au Confit d'oie (beans with goose and toulouse sausage) and the wine with dinner was Madiran 2007. Bon Appetit!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


BONJOUR, I am Shirley Monestier, an African American artist who lives in Bordeaux, France with hubby, Jean-Marie. This blog is my maiden voyage and, hopefully, I will be successful in navigating the blog cyberspace.

My passion is to create colorful and interesting artworks -- never repeating a piece twice. I love to face a blank canvas, put on some colors, let my creative juices flow and "give it a go." Creating in this manner is a total joy and fun journey for me. In everything there is shape and form, you just have to look for it. I search for these and when they are found -- I paint them!!

Besides my passion for painting, I love to travel the world, meet interesting people, check out cultures, prepare great cuisine and enjoy a great bottle of Bordeaux wine.

I am very interested in meeting other creative artists who will share painting experiences, views and tips.

Thanks for entering my blog. Wish me success in blogging. Please feel welcome to leave your comments and views.

Shirley Monestier