Thursday, June 12, 2014

Private Preview of Vietnam Orchids Series

Ambassador Mattie Sharpless (Left) and Ruby Singleton Blakeney, Art Curator 
I was honored by the Private Preview of my Orchids of Vietnam Series held on May 25, 2014 at D'Art Gallery, Washington, D.C.

To contact D'Art Gallery:

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Creative Ways to Display Art

As an artist, I don't think your house becomes a home until you fill it with art: art is a representation of your feelings, your travels, your interests. Every home should have an ORIGINAL art whether decorative, meaningful or just a piece that catches your eye or piece you just love. There's nothing that brings color and life to an empty room faster than a large vibrant painting on the wall.

But hanging a painting on an empty wall isn't the only way to display art. Here are some creative ideas for displaying and sharing art in your home.

Anyone can put a photo on a bookshelf. Here House Beautiful shows how beautiful art looks hanging from a bookshelf.

Build a living green wall to frame your art like Boka restaurant in Chicago.

Make a collection by using the same matting and frames on different pieces like Coastal Living did.

Copy, shrink and mount children's artwork on a mat and frame says Little Moth Design.

Art displayed on chair backs turns average chairs into artistic decor at Home and garden.

For more creative ways to display art visit my Pinterest board.

You can never have too much art! But sometimes, you don't have enough wall space and need to find creative ways to showcase your treasured works.

How do you display your art?

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