Friday, December 20, 2013

The Mexican Poinsettia Christmas Tradition

Wintering in Mexico I've become accustomed to poinsettia plants - native to Mexico - growing in the wild in tropical forests. The bright red and green colors of the poinsettia have made it a traditional Christmas plant in the US; in Mexico it is commonly called Noche Buena: Christmas Eve in Spanish.

Long dark nights and bright sunny days give the poinsettia its bold red leaves, and the plant is now grown commercially in California, Egypt, Australia and Malta.

In Mexico, poinsettia's are sometimes planted at the end of each vineyard row because they are susceptible to some of the same molds and diseases as grapevines. A diseased poinsettia plant alerts the vintner to possible disease in the grapevines, similar to how roses are planted at the end of each vineyard row in other parts of the world.

To keep your poinsettia plant blooming indoors, place it in a sunny window and keep it at a temperature of 65-75°, and slightly cooler at night; water when dry to the touch.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season,

      Feliz Navidad!   Joyeux Noël!   Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Art Sale

Dear Friends,
During the month of December I'm happy offer a 20% discount on all items in my online gallery: 

Each piece of my artwork is original, affordable and available for purchase. Browse the categories in my art gallery. Contact Me if you would like to purchase an original and affordable artwork.

I look forward to hearing from you. Happy Holidays, 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Colors on Canvas

I’m departing France for the winter, and looking forward to returning to our condo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We have wintered in PV for 11 years, and enjoy not just the warmth and beauty of this charming seaside village, but also the lively art scene.

I have found friendship and a common bond at Colors on Canvas PV with a group of women artists painting and living in Puerto Vallarta who create original acrylic and oil paintings.  The goal of our group is to promote exhibitions and donate proceeds from the sale of our paintings to the local library, Biblioteca Los Mangos.

Our next exhibition is later this month:


Friday, Nov. 29th from 6 – 9 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 30th from 2 – 5 p.m.
 Sunday, Dec. 1st from 1 – 3 p.m.
 Sala Bernice Starr, Biblioteca Los Mangos (Library) Ave. Francisco Villa 1001

The decline of public funding for the arts and for libraries is something we care deeply about. By exhibiting and selling our art at the Los Mangos library we hope to be able to share our talents and love of the arts and give something back to the Puerto Vallarta community that has been so welcoming to us.

If you aren't able to visit our exhibition in person, please show your support for public libraries and visit the Colors on Canvas website and LIKE our Facebook page: and we hope you’ll find some artwork for your home!

This year I’m excited to be exhibiting 7 pieces (all are acrylics on canvas):

MILTONIA ORCHID,  28 x 20in : 70 x 50cm

MILTONIAOPSIS ORCHID,  20 x 28in : 50 x 70cm

BEAUTIFUL ORCHID, 16 x 32in : 40 x 80cm

SWEET NECTAR, 30 x 30in : 77 x 77cm

MADAME BUTTERFLY,  16 x 16in : 40 x 40cm

NIGHT FISHING UNDER PURPLE MOON, 22 x 15in : 50 x 38cm

ABSTRACTION IN COLORS, 92 x 183in : 36 x 72cm

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Visiting the Cemetery of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Recently Jean Marie and I drove to the small village where French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is buried. Toulouse-Lautrec is one of the best known and most popular Post-Impressionist painters. Born into the aristocracy, a life-time of health problems were visible in his short stature and stilted walk, and because of his physical limitations he immersed himself into his art. Eventually Toulouse-Lautrec came to the Montmarte section of Paris where he found creative inspiration in the avant-garde bohemian lifestyle. A well-know and highly visible artist and alcoholic, he captured the Montmarte decadence with his colorful and innovative paintings of working girls: prostitutes, dancers and singers. His art posters were extremely popular during his lifetime, and are highly collectible today.

Verdelais, France, is an afternoon drive from our home, and is the small village where Toulouse-Lautrec was buried after dying from alcoholism (he's well-known for his love of absinthe) and syphilis at 36.

Notice the etching in the lower-right hand corner of the grave: here's a close-up:
Here Lies Henri de Toulouse Lautrec 1864-1901

I found this etching of the artist at work very unusual but a good way to commemorate an artist. Toulouse-Lautrec's paintings are highly sought-after and one recently sold for over $22 million. Some of my favorites include:





Saturday, October 12, 2013

Color Inspires Me

"I have always been inspired by vibrant, bold colors. I cannot imagine a colorless world." ~Shirley Monestier

 ~The Psychology of Color in Logo Design

I have always been inspired by color; I chose the colors for my website and blog because they are vibrant and bold and grab the eye. In this image, you see the colors I chose:

                              Yellow:          optimism, clarity, warmth   
                              Orange:         friendly, cheerful, confidence
                              Red:              excitement, youthful, bold

Color Psychology is the science of determining which colors evoke specific emotions or behaviors. Are there colors that make you happy, or sad, or calm, or hungry? That's color psychology! 

Some artists known for their bold use of color:

Piet Mondrian: Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue and Black

Georgia O'Keeffe: From the Plains II     

Ken O'Neill: Mondrian Signal 

Diego Rivera: Portrait of Sra. Dona Elena Flores 

Roy Lichtenstein: In The Car

Willem de Kooning: Untitled

Color Inspires Me!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Orchids of Vietnam

I am not an artist who paints flowers.  Also, I am not an artist who says never, cannot, won’t or any other words of restraint.  When I stumbled across these fabulous, GOD given Vietnam orchids, their incredible beauty was so inspiring I was compelled to paint them.  Always up for a challenge, I had no idea how difficult these orchids were to paint. After painting the first orchid, which I am so proud of, I made a decision to paint a series of orchids.  There are hundreds of varieties of orchids.  The choice of which to ones to paint will be difficult.   I present to you my first artwork of an orchid.

“learn to keep a secret”

Overcoming the challenging of painting my first orchid, painting the second orchid was pure joy.  I am painting a series of these beautiful flowers and will share them with you.

“you’ve got a right to be happy.”


 Facts About the Orchids of Vietnam
·         there are over 700 orchid varieties found in Vietnam: and scientist think there are several hundred more waiting to be discovered!
·         Golden Slipper Orchid, Jade Slipper Orchid, Golden Cyprus, Green Emerald Queen, Rainbow and Forgotten Fruits are some popular varieties
·         the Vanilla orchid is a very rare recently discovered orchid species believed to bring  good luck and help the owners overcome misfortune: and is now being hunted by billionaires in Vietnam[1]
·         destruction of their forest habitats and over-harvesting of popular species make the orchids one of Vietnam's most threatened plant groups[2]

To explore photos of orchids of Vietnam, enjoy this slide show Orchids from Vietnam by EvilClaudiuS