Sunday, January 2, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! When I first started my blog, it was my intentions to write a blog twice a month. Unfortunately, life throws us such curve balls that I was unable to keep this commitment. Our fortunate is that we can continually renew, reinvent ourselves. So, my resolve is to write a blog at least twice a month.

I spent my New Year in Puerto Vallarta, MX with my husband, Jean-Marie and five very long time, close friends. I have known my friends for more than 40 years. As I looked around our dinner table, my thought was how fortunate I was to have my husband and dearest friends to celebrate a New Year. Collectively, we feel 2011 will be a great year -- Keep Hope Alive!!!

The holidays are over now and I am picking my paints, brushes and am anxious to create wonderful artworks this year. I will keep you posted.