Saturday, October 12, 2013

Color Inspires Me

"I have always been inspired by vibrant, bold colors. I cannot imagine a colorless world." ~Shirley Monestier

 ~The Psychology of Color in Logo Design

I have always been inspired by color; I chose the colors for my website and blog because they are vibrant and bold and grab the eye. In this image, you see the colors I chose:

                              Yellow:          optimism, clarity, warmth   
                              Orange:         friendly, cheerful, confidence
                              Red:              excitement, youthful, bold

Color Psychology is the science of determining which colors evoke specific emotions or behaviors. Are there colors that make you happy, or sad, or calm, or hungry? That's color psychology! 

Some artists known for their bold use of color:

Piet Mondrian: Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue and Black

Georgia O'Keeffe: From the Plains II     

Ken O'Neill: Mondrian Signal 

Diego Rivera: Portrait of Sra. Dona Elena Flores 

Roy Lichtenstein: In The Car

Willem de Kooning: Untitled

Color Inspires Me!

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