Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Art of Jazz

Jazz is a true American art. The relationship between jazz and art is heavily intertwined. Jazz music is a highly visual art form and was promoted through bold, vibrant and colorful posters, album covers and promotions.

Jazz can be enjoyed and appreciated through live performances and recordings. Jazz lovers visit intimate music venues recalling the early days of smokey jazz lounges, large jazz festivals and cruises, and museums dedicated to the history of jazz musicians and music. We have had the opportunity to enjoy jazz around the world - especially New York City and Paris.

In addition to well-known venues such as Birdland and the Harlem Jazz Museum in NYC or Preservation Hall in New Orleans, there are small museums across the United States dedicated to promoting and preserving The Art of Jazz:

1.  The Museum of Jazz and Art - MOJA - in Oakland, California, is dedicated to raising the awareness, importance and preservation of jazz and art to American culture.
artists rendering: The Museum of Jazz and Art

Connect with MOJA online:
2.  Loves's Jazz & Art Center - located in Omaha, Nebraska was established to preserve, promote and present African American Art and Jazz. Honoring local legendary Jazz musician Preston Love Sr, the museum is 

3.  American Jazz Museum - in Kansas City, MO, is the "only museum in the world solely focused on the preservation, exhibition and advancement of jazz music."

Visit the American Jazz Museum online:

I'll be sharing more jazz and art stories soon... stay tuned!

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