Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Petit Déjeuner in Bordeaux

After several months of travel and spending the winter months in Puerto Vallarta, I'm happy to have returned home again to Bordeaux, France. Getting back to my familiar routine as the spring weather arrives gives me a burst of creative energy and inspirations.

One of my favorite routines of our life in France is Saturday morning petit déjeuner at my local market, les Marchés des Capucins in Bordeaux. Extremely popular with both locals, who rely on it for fresh produce and meeting our neighbors, and tourists; this traditional marketplace is an ideal location to enjoy the tastes, scenery and sounds of French daily life. My favorites at the market include the fresh seafood (I adore the oysters), the breads, flowers and of course, the wines.

One of our favorite routines is to enjoy breakfast at les Capu. Here you see my Saturday morning petit déjeuner of café et croissants. Petit déjenuer is the French phrase for breakfast, and literally translates to 'little lunch'. Déjenuer means 'lunch', and jenuer translate to 'fast'. So the phrase petit déjeuner means a small meal to break your fast. A traditional French breakfast is coffee and bread, or for children hot chocolate.

Bon Appétit!

à la prochaine,


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