Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Work in Progress: Golden Summer Garden

I returned to France a few months ago feeling tired and stressed - travel today may be convenient, but it is exhausting! I visited a health clinic to re-energize, decompress and launch a healthier lifestyle. During Art Therapy at the clinic I started a new painting, and was introduced to eco-friendly paints. I spent a full month getting my strength and focus back, and am happy to report that I'm back creating art, inspired by my beautiful French garden.

I want to share with you my art work in progress, which I started during Art Therapy:
artist Shirley Monestier in her garden with work in progress -  ABSTRACT SUMMER GARDEN
artist Shirley Monestier in her garden with work in progress -

I am constantly exploring my creative side … looking for new mediums and techniques to improve my artworks.  In creating Golden Summer Garden, for the first time I am painting with a roller and using ORGANIC micro gold paint for overlay and transparency.  I have become more environment conscience and plan to use non-toxic, eco-friendly artist materials in creating future artworks.

I would love to hear from artists who are using eco-friendly art materials, your experiences in using them and where they can be purchased.

Golden Summer Garden will be finished very soon!!

Shirley Monestier's online art gallery

à la prochaine,


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