Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I was so motivated and inspired by my February 28th blog "Countdown to Spring Turquoise," the creation of my latest artwork, "Making Connections," was born.  I love the color turquoise -- it is a happy color. I used blue and green turquoise acrylic paint to ground and compliment the other colors in this abstract.  Painting an abstract, in a loose, painterly manner, is how I love to create --  facing a blank canvas and let the creative juices flow.   It is very liberating for me to create artwork in this manner.  The artwork started out in a position that did not work for me, so I turned it upside down and, VOILA, finished piece, "Making Connections."

Several years ago, I painted, "Manderinfish" using predominately the color turquoise.

Enjoy and have an art-filled life!!  A bientot!

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