Thursday, May 15, 2014

Using Technology to Stimulate Children's Interest in the Arts

art apps for kids
Children have a natural interest in observing and creating art: every parent knows that providing their child with crayons and paper can occupy an entire afternoon, and the art produced can decorate an entire refrigerator! Every parents prepares for the day their child gets their first harmonica, or toy piano: and the endless "music"

As children become older and their schedules are full of gymnastics, swim lessons and play dates there is less and less time reserved for creating art. In previous generations, the kids had "Art" and "Music" as part of their school schedule. Now budget constraints have eliminated the arts from many schools.

Kids today love technology and are very comfortable using smartphones, tablets and laptops. I'm excited to learn about new apps and games for kids that stimulate their interest in the arts.

Here are some art and music apps that will develop your child's love of the arts:

1.  MoMA Art Lab is a free app from the Museum of Modern Art in NYC for kids age 7 and up with nine activities to create artwork inspired by MoMA's collection, including Henri Matisse and Alexander Calder.

guides you through different styles of modern art and then lets you give it a try yourself, just like a great teacher would do.

The MoMA Art Lab app is free at the Apple Store.

2.  Mini Monet Creative Studio and Art Club for Kids is a free-form drawing app where kids can join the art club to share their drawings and earn point for drawing. The system for earning coins for sharing is a little confusing, but its not necessary to participate to use Mini Monet. Designed for ages 4-8.

Mini Monet is $1.99 at the Apple Store. 

3.  Mibblio is a music app that combines stories and music to form MIBBLETS: illustrated songs with loads of musical features that enable kids to read along, sing along and jam along.  

Download the free Mibblio music app for kids for iPad at the Apple Store. The first Mibblet is free, additional Mibblets are $.99 each.

4. Zebra Paint is a coloring app for young children - around age 3-5 - to fingerpaint with their fingers and choose their own colors for the 24 templates.

Zebra Paint is a free Android app, Zebra Pro is available for $.99.

I love how technology and art come together to help children appreciate the arts. How do you foster a child's interest in the arts? Tell me: I'd love to share your tips!

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