Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An Artist's New Year's Resolutions

Artist Shirley Monestier in her garden:
work in progress "Hand of God"
2014 has been an incredibly busy and productive year with travel, visitors, some thankfully minor surgeries and the growth of my art business. During this past year I focused on the business aspect of being an artist: marketing and selling my art. I was honored and delighted by the reviews, sales and exhibitions of my artworks.

It's incredibly frustrating when I want only to be in my studio creating art, yet knowing that to share my art I have to devote time to selling my art.

To share my art, during 2014 I:
Thank you to all of my dear friends and online friends around the globe who have supported my art in 2014; I'm delighted to have sold so many paintings this year and had so many supportive emails, posts, and comments from you.

In 2015 I resolve to:

  1. expand my Etsy store with more original artwork, giclees, and art gifts
  2. interview more amazing and inspiring artists and share them with you on my newsletter
  3. share my artist's eye and inspirations with all of you via my online art gallery, on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter
  4. paint, PAINT and PAINT 
    Happy New Year    Bonne Annee    Feliz Ano Nuevo

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2015

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