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Art for Christmas - How to Buy Art for Children

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Art is a gift that continues to give long after the holidays end. Instilling the love of art in children is a gift that lasts a lifetime. A gift of original art is a personal value you can share with the child, and help them develop their own love and appreciation for art. Art education and art appreciation is the perfect holiday gift for a special child in your life!

5 Tips for Giving Art to Children

1. Children love color

Whether the child you're buying for loves bright, bold, audacious colors or prefers muted pastels, children are inspired by color in their environment. What are the child's favorite colors? What colors don't they like? Ask questions to help determine the color choice when buying art for children.

2. Choose a subject they enjoy

Jewel's of the Sea by Shirley Monestier
Jewels of the Sea by Shirley Monestier

Giving a child an original art work of a subject they are interested in opens the child's eyes to how art can be part of their everyday life, not just an activity for play or school. If the child is interested in sports, many sports-themed artworks art available as prints or original art pieces. A child who loves music may appreciate art featuring their favorite instrument or musician. A nature-lover may appreciate art showcasing animals, or a beach scene.

3. Personalize it

Can the artist inscribe the painting with your child's name? Can a sports figure in the piece wear the child's team number? For young children especially, personalizing the art with something unique to the child makes them excited about the artwork and helps them relate to the piece.

4. Discuss it

When you give a child a piece of art, explain to them why you bought if for them: what features of the art piece made you think of the child? Ask the child to discuss the art with you, what do they like about the piece, do they like the colors, how does the art make them feel? Tell the child what kind of art you like - and what kinds you don't like - to help the child understand that its OK to like some pieces more than others, and to understand better why they do or don't like specific art pieces.

5. Share the artist's story

artist Shirley Monestier in her studio in Bordeaux, France
artist Shirley Monestier in her studio in Bordeaux, France

When possible meet the artist in person to understand their story, or do some research to find out about the artist. Understanding who made the piece, what their story is, helps kids understand and get excited about the artist's creativity process and inspirations.

Children love art, and are inspired by color and creativity. This year, give a special child in your life an original gift of art, and start them on a lifelong passion. 

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