Friday, December 12, 2014

Give Art: Unique and Original Paintings by Shirley Monestier

       For the art lover or a new collector,               gift an original painting by             international artist Shirley Monestier

artist Shirley Monestier in her studio in Bordeaux, France
Original art is a special and meaningful holiday gift. Original artworks are a one-of-a-kind gift that represents your relationship with someone special on your gift list.

I invite you to take a leisurely stroll through my art gallery. The artwork I have created has been inspired by years of training in mixed media; my passion for colors, shapes and forms; international travels and living in France; spiritual journeys and special creative moments; and all of my experiences that have contributed to who I am.

I create artwork that is inspired by years of training; my passion for bold, vibrant colors, shapes, and forms; world travels and my personal spiritual journey. A lifetime of travel - throughout the United States, Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe - and my experiences living abroad has made a great impact on my life, enhancing me as a creative and visual artist. My spirit yearns to create: artwork, a beautifully designed room, great cuisine, stylized tablescapes, a well-planned party or an inspirational new adventure. Creativity is my gift that I share with you.

At Sunset by Shinrley Monestier
AT SUNSET by Shirley Monestier

My spirit desires to paint artwork that reflects my creativity, deep spirituality, and my passion for vivid colors. I have always been inspired by bright, bold colors. I cannot imagine a colorless world. In my artwork I use colors and images to bring you in closer, to inspire and give you a sense of happiness and well-being. I want to pleasure your eye and awaken your soul.

FEATHERED FRIENDS by Shirley Monestier
FEATHERED FRIENDS by Shirley Monestier

Self-expression of my spirit through creative art has always been a part of my life and is truly a spiritual journey.

I DREAM OF DREAMS by Shirley Monestier
CONTACT ME if you would like to purchase an original and affordable artwork; commissions will be considered upon request.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season,


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